Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time Capsule

          One day I was cleaning through my closet. I discovered a box. I cut through the tape and opened the box. I revealed so much about my past that I forgot about. From pictures with old friends to a phone case with the type of cell phone I had. The box told me about my style with tags of clothing and catalog cutouts from stores that I shopped at. I never thought that a person could forget so much about themselves. Also I found out that when I made the time capsule I was 15 and was in 9th grade at Haddon Township High School.

Reflection Post

             At the beginning of the year I did not think I could have created some of the things I did. Or even get close to what I have done. I thought that I would give up eventually. I have learned so much. There are so many ways to do art. Just to fill something in with color you can paint it, use color pencils, crayons, or pastels. Each tool has different types of itself. My favorite thing that I made was our art book. It has so much meaning inside and the process itself was fun. Even looking through it is fun.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


         For my birthday, my mom said she got me a present I would love. However, the gift was coming through in the mail. For so many days I was waiting for this package to come in the mail. Well, at least it felt like so many days where it was actually only 3 days. So 3 days had gone by. It was after school, and I casually walked up to my porch, checked the mail, like usual, and the package was in there. With the box in my arm, I ran inside to my mom. I told her that I was really excited and I wanted to know if I could open it. My mom had allowed me to open it. I carried the package up to my room and sat on the floor. I put the box right in front of me and stated at it. I was just trying to guess what was inside. I finally realized that I needed to stop wasting time and open it. I lifted up each side of the flaps and my mouth dropped with joy. Staring at my present for so long. My gift was the phone I had been wanting for so long. I grabbed the phone and ran down the stairs, and into my moms room. I shouted to my mom thanking her so much. I couldn't believe I actually got this phone. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fortune cookie

For this, we made an art piece based on fortune cookies. For this, I just had things in mind like wishing and hope. Also luck. All those words inspired me to make this. The wishing we'll represents wish and the stars are luck. The starts are like shooting stars. Shooting stars are lucky.  When you get fortunes you wish for something good and hopefully you get luck so you have a good fortune. This was a hard assignment for me because I never knew what to draw or paint. This is my second fortune cookie paper because my first one started out good but ended bad so I started over and this happened. 

Art X 3

The art times three was very interesting. You had a piece of paper in front of you and you started something. Them you get it passed on and you get someone else's. You work on that then it gets passed on. You get another paper for the third time and that is your piece to finish and keep. I liked this. It was exciting waiting to see what you got. A life lesson from this is that you can make something into something better whether it is so good or bad. 

Pop print

 The process of the pop print took some time. First of all you had to think of what you wanted to do. Then you had to sketch it on a little piece of paper. The next step was to trace it onto the actual stamp. After you had finished that you had to carve it. Finally you could make your pop print. To make it you had to put the paint onto the tray and use the roller and roll it. When the roller got paint onto it you rolled it onto your stamp. Them you placed the stamp onto paper and push on it. When you take the stamp off your print is there. The whole process of this I enjoyed. I chose a nike symbol. I didn't know what to do so I was thinking. When I looked down at my shoes I saw the nike symbol and decided to draw that. I really like the pop print art.