Wednesday, March 19, 2014


         For my birthday, my mom said she got me a present I would love. However, the gift was coming through in the mail. For so many days I was waiting for this package to come in the mail. Well, at least it felt like so many days where it was actually only 3 days. So 3 days had gone by. It was after school, and I casually walked up to my porch, checked the mail, like usual, and the package was in there. With the box in my arm, I ran inside to my mom. I told her that I was really excited and I wanted to know if I could open it. My mom had allowed me to open it. I carried the package up to my room and sat on the floor. I put the box right in front of me and stated at it. I was just trying to guess what was inside. I finally realized that I needed to stop wasting time and open it. I lifted up each side of the flaps and my mouth dropped with joy. Staring at my present for so long. My gift was the phone I had been wanting for so long. I grabbed the phone and ran down the stairs, and into my moms room. I shouted to my mom thanking her so much. I couldn't believe I actually got this phone. 

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